Areas of SCRIPTUM Creative Writing Studies

POETICS, Studies on composing the text; the genres of prose, lyrics and drama, the style, experimental and methodical writing, programmed poetry, writing as philosophical asking.

PROCESS OF WRITING, Studies on schemes and composing the text, skills and virtuosity of writing, creative process, different versions of the text, textual criticism, verbal choices, shadows of the story, online writing, improvisation, editing, co-operation and collaborative writing.

ARTISTIC RESEARCH, authors researching their own art, art as research.

LITERARY THEORY Studies on narratology, intertextuality, tropes and the figures of the text or metafiction. Theories related in creative writing.

RHETORIC Studies on expression and audience, reader, public spheres.

PEDAGOGY OF WRITING  Studies on teaching children and young in verbal art, writing in schools, free groups and internet forums, workshops of writing, master and novice, comments between authors.

POETRY THERAPY Studies in writing and mourning, depression, mental health, individual therapy, healing narratives and metaphors, healing groups, writing and self care, web healing.

SOCIAL MEDIA Studies on digital writing, visual rhetoric with writing, social publicity, networks between writers.

MEDIA WRITING Studies on film and multimedia and writing, manuscripts, adaptation of literature on multimedia, visual narrative, voice in narrative and poetry.

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