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Keynotes of the Conference will be published in Scriptum

“Our roots are in the air” was the motto of Philip Gross in the Conference of Creative Writing: Pedagogy and Well-Being  Jyvaskyla.  SCRIPTUM 1/2015 will be out in January and the speeches of Philip Gross, Alain Andre, Jurate Sisylate, Juhani Ihanus and Fritz Ostermayer will be published there. We had over 80 participants in the […]

Juhani Ihanus: “literary – writerly -therapeutic”

Juhani Ihanus University of Helsinki REFLECTIONS ON THERAPEUTIC WRITING 22.10 conference programme There are different levels of writing, for example ‘‘literary’’ (product orientation), ‘‘writerly’’ (process orientation) and ‘‘therapeutic.’’ These levels have sometimes been tried to be embedded into a value hierarchy, the first of them being at the top. However, when seen as non-hierarchical and […]

Philip Gross: “Our Roots Are In The Air…”

“Our Roots Are In The Air…” : the teaching of Creative Writing in UK universities. 21.10. keynote in Conference Prof. Philip Gross of the University of South Wales was one of the working writers involved in first wave of Creative Writing courses in British universities. Reflecting on three decades, from the discipline’s almost accidental birth […]