Creative Writing for Teachers, Normandy in July

A European Course for Teachers of Creative Writing 16 – 21.7.2018

From the 16th to the 21st of July, 2018, a European Course for Teachers of Creative Writing in Normandy (France).

This four days course gathers together a selection of our most expert European teachers. Over the morning sessions, our EACWP teachers will share their different methodologies, approaches and experiences in the teaching of Creative Writing by offering a so called “auteur workshop” by performing and explaining their own ars pedagogica and didactics.

Additionally, over the afternoon sessions, the teachers in training will be invited to take part into pedagogical creative laboratories to discuss several approaches to different teaching proposals in order to design a final workshop in the context of a potential creative writing class. In the last day, the outcome of this exchange will be presented in groups in a final sharing session, supported and commented by the EACWP teachers and the rest of the participants.

This year, Reijo Virtanen (Finland), Luis Luna (Spain) and Therese Granwald (Sweden) will be the European teachers invited to impart and lead the different working sessions. In the occasion of this second edition, we would like to make extensive the invitation to worldwide colleagues interested in taking part in this pedagogical interchange.

Course Venue

The venue for the evening meal and overnight accommodation is, resembling a castle extracted from a Maupassant’s novel, Moulin d’Andé, a cultural association from the 12th century located in Normandy, on the Seine soars, devoted to fostering the arts and the literary creation. Thanks to its owner Suzanne Lipinska, the place became an artistic residence, where worldwide writers such as George Perec have been hosted and developed their literary works.

The II EACWP Teachers Training Course