Creative Writing: Pedagogy and Well-Being 21 – 25.10.2014

This Second International EACWP Conference on the pedagogy of creative writing is devoted to the sharing of teaching practices, approaches and points of view about our various ways to teach writing. The conference languages are English and Finnish.

The aims and contents of the conference are:

  • to join European universities, schools, teachers and institutions that work teaching creative writing
  • to deepen and refine the map of our different ways to teach writing
  • to share methodologies and pedagogical approaches
  • the multilingual and intercultural aspects in pedagogy of creative writing
  • the individual and social impacts of teaching creative writing
  • the therapeutic potential of creative writing

The conference will provide a forum for sessions with speeches (lectures and short presentations) and round-table discussions about the possibilities and approaches related to the pedagogy and the spreading of creative writing. The conference also features international experts as keynote speakers, and workshops.

The conference is intended for teachers, experts, researchers, and students in the fields of writing. Interdisciplinary approaches are especially welcome. The hosts welcome both scientific and popular papers. The presence of professionals from outside of Europe will be welcome, too.

The events during the conference will create important opportunities of networking for all those interested in conceptual and methodological approaches in the pedagogy of writing and the therapeutic dimension of writing.