Javier Sagarna: Creativity, sensibility and technique

Javier Sagarna Escuela de Escritores, Spain CREATIVITY, SENSIBILITY AND TECHNIQUE, three goals for our master course in narrative Initializing the Panel Universities/Art Schools 21.1o Programme In October 2009, after a 2 years period of carefully building up, Escuela de Escritores opened its Master course in Narrative, a programme of 576 hours of classes (876 counting the hours the students will dedicate to their end of master projects), which is intended to give to students the complete set of tools a young writer needs to start his career. This programme is organized around what was identified as the three critical points that, in our experience, has to be enhanced in the students if we want them to really grow as writers, not only to acquire useful knowledge: creativity, sensibility and literary technique. Designed as and artistic formation, Escuela de Escritores divided the Master course in Narrative in three kind of matters: theoretical matter, practical matters and creativity matters, and is focused on the writing by each one of the students, during the second year of the programme, of a narrative project (a novel, a book of short stories), that will help them to settle and really handle most of the knowledge and tools acquired, during a complete creative writing process. At the date, after 4 promotions of our Master course had already finished and another one has finished its first year and waiting for the crucial second one, we can say the programme is working and the results are really good and better than any expectations. The Master course is a great step forward for all students, and many of them has seen their master projects published by commercial publishing houses, and keep writing day by day and developing new projects, as well as many of them are now working as creative writing teachers, journalists, etc. The aim of my lecture will be to expose to the conference in a detailed way the pedagogical bases of our Master course in Narrative, as well as our experience with students and the results and conclusions we make after this five years period of existence or the programme.