Presentation: Creative Writing Studies in Jyväskylä

Arts and Culture Studies in Jyväskylä is part of research University and not Art University, that’s why artistic work  is only one part of Creative Writing Studies. Still the situation is inspiring for writers because the department of Arts and culture studies can offer an innovative campus for writers.  The Literary theory is well represented in the department, where reading, analyses and writing belongs quite naturally together. The department gives possibilities to work for example with experimental literature, or studying contemporary and digital culture.

Special emphasis is also in pedagogy.  Jyväskylä is the leading pedagogical university in Finland, and it can offer studies for new teachers who are interested in creative writing in schools, colleges. New media writing is important part of pedagogical studies.  Creative Writing Studies has also co-operation with general Art Education of the department.

Doctoral level of Creative Writing Studies in research University is quite traditional. The artistic work is only one among different possibilities. At the moment we have  four authors doing artistic research of writing, and it is quite poorly supported. Because of the pedagogical emphasis, we have five researchers in the area of creative writing pedagogy, tree of them has now possibility to do full time research. One part of pedagogical research is also area of therapeutic writing with two researchers. It is important to see, that there are authors also doing traditional research of pedagogy and writing therapy.

Masters studies of Creative Writing follows the same interests. Their master’s work consists of artistic and theoretical part, they are studying autobiographical writing, pedagogy and therapeutic writing, new media writing. Artistic research is focused in the process of writing, creativity and the genres of writing.

Students are also working with the theories and concepts, together with teachers and researchers the students are producing material for finish open access Encyklopedia  in the area of creative writing studies.



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