Writing therapy and Heronies of Rural Europe

Dr. Karoliina Maanmieli presents her Erasmus+ project called HEROINES. It is a 2-year lasting project in : Spain, Finland, Great Britain, Slovenia and Greece.

The aim of the project is to empower women with mental health challenges by:
* teaching mental health professionals methods of writing therapy
* piloting training courses for women with mental illnesses in 5 countries collecting the narratives of course participants (New Heroines Anthology)

  Heroines training course concentrates on gender equality for women with mental illness living in rural areas. It uses innovative, fresh and empowering methodology based on creative writing.

Roles of participant countries/ associations
Finnish Poetry Therapy Association (Finland) &
Metanoia Institute (Great Britain): Joint collaboration will generate a new and richer methodology for the development of writing therapy that will benefit both the target group and the training professionals.
Ozara (Slovenia), EKP&PSY (Greece), and the project coordinator,
Intras (Spain): These highly recognized institutions in the field of disability and mental health (with regards to intervention, rehabilitation training) will test the training curriculum with their own target groups.

HEROINES project starts in December 2019 and lasts until autumn 2021.
Please contact: karoliina.kahmi@gmail.com