Scriptum board 2021

SCRIPTUM  is a refereed, open access publisher of scholarly articles in Creative Writing Studies. Articles or monographs will be published in Finnish or in English. The Publisher is Jyväskylä University Department of Music, Arts and Culture Studies.

The editorial board of Scriptum 2021

PAUL GRAVES, PhD, University of Helsinki, pedagogy of Creative Writing
JUHANI IHANUS, Docent, University of Helsinki, poetry therapy
OUTI KALLIONPÄÄ, PhD, University of Lapland, pedagogy of new media writing, 
PÄIVI KOSONEN, Docent, University of Turku, therapeutic and autobiographical writing,
VASILIS PAPAGEORGIOU, Prof. Linneus University Comparative Literature, artistic research and Creative Writing,
JOHANNA PENTIKÄINEN, PhD. University of Helsinki, pedagogy of creative writing,

RISTO NIEMI-PYNTTÄRI, Docent, University of Jyväskylä Poetics and new media writing.